The beauty of the Canadian landscape always finds its way into my artwork.

Hey I'm Serena

I live in beautiful cottage country a few hours north of Toronto, Canada.  My studio is in my home which I share with my husband and two boys, along with our cat Beans and dog Copper.  We get to experience the glory of all 4 seasons in Ontario, and whatever the weather we spend a lot of time outdoors. 

Each painting I create is a memory of time spent in the majestic outdoors.

What are your best memories?

I also love creating commissioned paintings of your favourite people, pets or places!

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I finally had the chance to unwrap my new painting "Afternoon Paddle" and wanted to let you know how much I love it! You totally captured the color of the water and the ripples from the bow of the canoe. It makes me feel like I am the one paddling!


I just wanted to let you know that I gave the painting to my friends last night. "D" actually cried. She said you really seemed to capture Kika’s personality, that it was as if you knew her personally. I wanted to thank you for doing such wonderful pantings for me. 

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Get to know me a little more...

As a child, I would spend hours outdoors searching for frogs, riding my bike and exploring nature.

I still love being outside even during our very cold Canadian winters, and find myself spending time in nature as a way decompress and find most of the inspiration for my paintings

I began my career as a mural artist in Hamilton, Ontario. Now my greatest joy is creating landscape paintings on canvas that brings the wild places home to you!