About Me

Hi, I'm Serena...

I live in beautiful cottage country a few hours north of Toronto, Canada.  I share my home with my husband and two boys, along with our cat Beans and dog Copper.  We get to experience the glory of all 4 seasons in Ontario, and whatever the weather we spend a lot of time outdoors. 

The beauty of the Canadian landscape always finds its way into my work.

Each piece a memory of the healing we find in the majestic outdoors.

Get to know me a little more...

As a child, I would spend hours outdoors searching for frogs, riding my bike and exploring nature. I still love being outside even during our very Canadian winters, and find myself spending time in nature as a way decompress and find inner peace.

Like most children I loved making all sorts of crafts and began my art journey in earnest while in highschool. From there I began my career as a mural artist in Hamilton, Ontario where I brought to life the visions of many home owners and businesses.

Now I am grateful that I get to create art that speaks to my soul and feels full circle to the little girl that still lives within.

Painting people - and the wild places that heal our souls

Creating art with meaning has always been important to me.

This is why painting people and the natural spaces we go to heal is the recurring theme in my work.

The Exhale Collection
A painting series that evokes emotion and healing

The scent of earth, grass, and flowers underfoot.

Wide-open spaces,

quiet and free. 

A little reminder to savour the little things in life that are truly the fundamentals of life.