A Painting to Celebrate International Women's Day

A Painting to Celebrate International Women's Day

With this year’s IWD Day theme, “Balance For Better”, here's what International Women’s Day means to me. 

Some may think that advocates of women’s celebrations or movements mean that we are putting men down.  This is absolutely  not the case.  Rather, we are looking for a balance where a deficit has existed.

In countries where freedoms are taken away, groups pursue legal remedies for their rights to freedom of expression, religion and basic human rights.  They aren’t putting themselves above others, rather urging that a balance is created and insisting that human rights are awarded and that they have the same freedoms that others enjoy.

International Women’s Day is a day to think about how we can continue to make sure that women have a voice in the world.  It is a day to establish that every person in the world receives equal pay, whether man or woman.  It is a day to say that intimate partner abuse will no longer be tolerated and hushed simply because the abuser is a family member of the victim.  It is a day to celebrate the contributions that women have shared with the world and that have gone unnoticed solely because of gender.

All humans need to be safe, to be recognized and to have purpose.  Gender should not be an issue. Balance creates a safer, better working world.  Balance is what we want, we notice its absence and celebrate its presence. 

So in celebration of the day that brings these important issues to mind, I will be joining over 20 other women artists for the art show titled...

Through Her Eyes, In Her Hands
Friday, March 8 at The Chapel Gallery from 6 – 8 pm
15 King St. Bracebridge ON Canada

The highlight of the evening will be a musical performance by songstress and folk music performer Beverlie Robertson, along with poetry reading and  a special community Grand Reception to meet participating artists, see their beautiful artwork and commemorate International Women’s Day.

Above is the painting of a strong woman that I created for this show.  Lotus is a flower that grows against all odds, through muddy water, towards the sun.  I named this piece Lotus as a way to express that it is our journeys that make us strong, and our strengths that make us beautiful.  I used many colors and brushstrokes to represent all types of women.  Some of the under-painting remains to represent that our whole journey is important, even the beginnings.

See Lotus here




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