Embracing Yourself - an inspiration for silver sisters everywhere!

Embracing Yourself - an inspiration for silver sisters everywhere!

Embrace yourself

When I first found Char Blair on Instagram she danced onto my Instagram feed with the soul of a woman who was fully embracing the moment, pulling from all of her experiences, letting go of the rules and freeing her spirit to enjoy those 15 seconds of dance that she had just shared with the world.

I was hooked!  I wanted that feeling!  I wanted to dance with the confidence and freedom that this woman had! 

I began following her and was not disappointed.  However not only for the fun and vibrant feelings she embodied, but also as I got to know her deeper because I could resonate with her journey.  Like me, she was at midlife - but unlike me, she was embracing it.  She had shed the silly fear of "turning into our grandmothers".  She was embracing her silver hair, sharing makeup tips, finding new passions, creating a booming business, supporting #silversisters,  spending time with her family - and dancing with her grandchildren!  I never felt so much of my own fear of aging drop away, as I did watching my midlife sister Char lead the way in an unabashed cheerfulness!  

Women Empowerment Art

My mission in creating art has been to empower women to embrace themselves and love who they are.  I mean, I am on this journey myself, and I struggle daily with fully embracing who I am.  Painting has been one of the ways that I know how to express how important this part of our journey is, even if I haven't quite figured it all out yet myself.

This is why I created this painting of Char.  I knew that other women struggled like myself and they just needed to feel uplifted as I had by seeing that it was okay to embrace ourselves fully in every part of our lives.  That is where the title "you are enough" was born.


"you are enough" 
18x24" oil on canvas 
see painting here

The paintings I create, meet at a junction of healing, inspiration and nature.  That place where it's quiet enough to hear our inner voice , and where we have found enough confidence to actually listen to that voice.  I search for inspiration everywhere I go.  In nature, when I meet people, through the things I read and the videos I watch - and sometimes it finds me by popping up on my Instagram feed!

The healing power of art

Each piece in the Exhale Collection is meant to touch on the places we go to heal.  Inside ourselves, in nature, and in the simple beauty of the everyday which seems to be what life is truly made of.

"just as you are" repeats the hues and tones from the portrait of Char, as a way to embrace her spirit and zest for life while embracing ourselves for being okay just as we are.

"just as you are"
oil on canvas 
see painting here


And finally, I just had to name these trees "this is my tribe" because they reminded me of a sisterhood.  This group of trees spoke to me as I drove through my little town in Muskoka, Ontario.  Each tree is growing slightly differently, but still supporting each other.  Just like silver sisters, midlife women, or midlife bloggers.  

"this is my tribe"
oil on canvas
see painting here

I hope that you too find inspiration and self love in your daily life, because I'm here reminding you that you are worthy!



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