Hope - exploring emotions through my art - Painting 13

Hope - exploring emotions through my art - Painting 13

"yet an ember under tarnish glows"

A small part inside me never allowed me to give up.  The ember pushed me forward.  For my dignity, for my children, for our future.

Emotions, it seems to me, come to us in waves.  However, each time the negative ones come, they seem to have less power.  The ember of hope became a flickering flame, and then a fire.  

The most amazing thing to me in creating these paintings of my healing journey, is that I wasn't alone.  When I allowed myself to be publicly vulnerable, others felt safe to share their vulnerabilities.  When we feel safe to share dialogue begins, and we open safe spaces to discuss difficult topics.  That allows healing to begin for everyone.  

I am so happy to have shared my healing journey with you.  There were 13 paintings in all that belong in this series, so check back in my blog posts, for paintings 1-12.

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