An oil painting by artist Serena West of a  woman that s confined in a small space symbolizing that she is imprisoned by allowing others to determine her life.  Hope lights up her face and white dress portraying that she truly is free to make her own choices.
Symbolic Oil painting of a woman in a white dress

"Captive" - Oil Painting on Canvas

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This painting was inspired by my realization that I had lived most of my life fulfilling the expectations of others, and had created my own prison of sorts. 

I finally saw through my limiting beliefs and understood that the prison door had always been open.  I was free to walk away from the expectations of others and create my own boundaries. 

The bright area lighting up her face symbolizes this choice of freedom.  Blue, green, and amber jewel tones scattered over her white dress evoke hope and possibility.  

Enjoy this oil painting as an inspiration to believe in your own voice and strength as a woman.

Details:  24" x 30" Acrylic and Oil on gallery style canvas