Feminist oil painting of a beautiful woman painted with various colors and bold brushstrokes
Feminist art displayed beautifully on a wall.
Feminist wall art of a woman brightly painted with oil paints
"Lotus" - Oil Painting on Canvas

"Lotus" - Oil Painting on Canvas

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As women we struggle, we grow, we help, we overcome, and from these growth phases, we become strong.

We can be likened to a Lotus flower growing up from murky water and reaching for the sun, our beauty growing as we overcome challenges and reach for new potentials.

This 24x24 inch painting is named Lotus in honor of all of our stories.  Varying brushstrokes and bold colors represent our beautiful diversity, while the symbol of strength embellishes her neck. 

May this painting remind us of our sisterhood and the beauty that we hold as women of the entire world.


Details: Paintings 24" x 24" Oil on Gallery Style Canvas