A painting series that evokes emotion and healing

A painting series that evokes emotion and healing

The Exhale Collection

move through the spaces that heal our souls
breeze on skin
grass underfoot
go out into the natural places
that heal our souls within


I began this series of paintings with the hope to honour the path we are all on in searching for belonging to community, meaning in our lives, and inner peace.  A journey that I am also on as a woman in midlife. 

As I painted, I realized that there are many layers to finding peace.  There is the inner work that we all must do to begin to believe in our own voice.  However, many external factors affect the viewpoint we hold of ourselves.  Time and again, I meet women who are on the same path as me and who want to help other women on this path to believing in and learning to love ourselves, just as we are.  The common thread that seems to keep coming up is our connection to nature.  In nature we seem to be able to get quiet enough to listen to our inner voice.  A raw connection to the past and the future.  A healing that seems universal to every human.  Whether it be forests, mountains or oceans - going to nature to find oneself was the commonality.

And so my series evolved and began to include the natural places that we go to find our sense of self - our home. 


The main piece in this series is named "trust in you", and inspired by the beautiful Aysegul.  She chooses to live in the present moment so that she can truly experience being alive, wild and free.  Her goal is to inspire others on their journey, to live completely and unapologetically free, and empowered by love. Please read more about her on her site and Instagram pages.


"and bloom" was inspired by how beautifully nature wears imperfection.  Crooked trees grow towards the sun, despite obstacles, storms, weather.  A gentle reminder that we too can overcome and keep reaching for the good in life, even if our path is crooked and imperfect.  That's what makes us beautiful!




"just breathe" is the tiniest piece, but powerful in meaning.  Wherever we are we can find a tiny bit of nature to brighten our day.  Maybe it's the tiny plant on our desk at work, the little balcony we sit on and bask in the sun's early morning rays, or the park we walk to on our lunch break.  Nature finds a way into our lives, and always brings a measure of peace and healing.  


My wish is that these pieces remind you of your sacred natural spaces where you go to heal and find yourself.

If you wish to purchase one of these paintings, follow this link to my shop.



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