Serena worked closely with us to capture the unique personality of Chayse, Bailey and Rylee.

These portraits truly show their individual character and quirkiness and will be forever treasured.

Thank you Serena for your amazing skill and talent.

- Sherry & Fiona

A. Beausoleil

"Exceeded any expectation. We love them.

Thank you so much."

Custom pet portrait painting from photo of a sweet golden dog with brown eyes and white paws
M. Cain

"The paintings were a huge success!"

V. Hart

"Dear Serena,

Thank you so much for the commission piece!

My daughter Sasha who loves horse back riding and nature, but currently finds herself studying for a law degree,absolutely loves it. My hope is that when she admires it,she will feel grounded in nature from afar, when she is tied to her desk studying.

It’s beautiful!"

C. Fraidakis

"Hi Serena, I got my art yesterday and I LOVE it.

Thank you so much. Have a great holiday season"


"I am just amazed at how realistic the painting is! Thank you so much for making this treasure for my husband."

Custom oil portrait painting of a strong and beautiful woman by artist Serena West
B. Holmes

"The painting arrived and I am absolutely thrilled!! Thank you soooo very much for your incredible talent in creating my portrait and for sharing my story!!"

Catherine Grace O'Connell

"You couldn't have captured me in any more beautiful of a light. I can't wait to see what the world has in store for you!"

J. Gates

"Hey, this is sooooo beautiful and I looove it!

You are amazing. I'm really happy with how it's looking amazing!

Super excited to hang it up!"

C. Lowe

"I just got the painting. Omg. It's even more beautiful in person. Thank you so much."

P. Joehl

"When I received the portrait painting of my daughter, I was amazed at how Serena completely captured her expression and essence.

This painting has so much presence in the room.

Serena certainly brings the person into her paintings!"

S. Martin

"I simply can't thank you enough. ​
Your generosity is overwhelming and your work is amazing. I will treasure this always.

Thank you."

F. Dancer-Geneau

"My two favourite paintings of yours, besides my grandkids"

F. Dancer-Geneau

"My two favourite paintings of yours, besides my grandkids"

M. Cain

"The paintings were a huge success!"



1. I help you decide on a photo and the file size needed for the painting.

2. You will then receive a quote based on the canvas size and details in the painting.

3. A 50% deposit is required to begin. I will send you progress emails where you will be able to request changes, both after the initial sketch, and after the first layer of paint.

4. Once you are happy with the final design, the painting is varnished and dried. I then carefully and beautifully package your work for safe shipping across town or across the globe!