How long does it take for a print to arrive?

Prints usually ship in 7 business days and will arrive 1-2 weeks after that.


How long does it take to create a custom painting?

For an oil painting, it can take from 3-8 weeks.  This allows time for us to have a few phone of video calls to make sure that I'm painting your vision.  It also allows time for the paint to dry and to be protected with a top coat.  Acrylic paintings are much quicker because of the nature of the paint itself and can take from 1-4 weeks depending upon my current orders.


How long does it take to create a custom drawing?

A drawing is much quicker.  While still allowing time to discuss details with you, it can be finished in about a week, depending upon my previous orders and commitments.  But to be safe make sure you book a time in my commissions calendar so that you can have your piece for the date you want to gift it!


Can you paint from photos?     

Yes!  I do request that I receive several photos, so that I can truly understand the form of each person's unique looks.  Even better, a video conference or video of the person I'm painting, helps me to understand the model's essence. When we have our initial call, I will let you know the types of photos needed and the file sizes.


What size file do you need to paint from?

The higher the resolution the better.  If you only have a small resolution file, then the painting or drawing will need to be much less detailed.  If you want to have high realism with a lot of detail, then the best size images are at least 100 MB.


What subjects will you paint?

I offer custom landscape paintings of your favourite location as well as portraits of people and pets.   Check out my commissions page to see the various portraits I've created for clients.


Do you ship internationally?

Variable delivery charges to locations in North America are added at checkout.

If you live internationally, a flat delivery fee will be added at checkout.  Once I have confirmation with my courier, a refund will be issued if the cost is less than the fee charged; or an added shipping fee will be billed to the customer if the cost is more than the fee charged. Depending upon size of the piece, shipping fees are generally not more than $50 - $150.  There are also the options to send the painting un-stretched and rolled and then have a local framing store reframe the art on new stretcher bars.  

Please send me an email with any inquiries or concerns with shipping.  I have shipped worldwide with great success and would love to set your mind at ease!