Tree and landscape oil painting on canvas in blue, white, pink and green colors
and bloom
and bloom

and bloom

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The crooked trees are the ones that always catch my eye.  

They grow in unexpected ways but always towards the sun.  You can tell that their growth journey hasn't always been easy by the strange directions some of the branches have taken.  But that's what makes them interesting and beautiful.  The imperfections, the uniqueness.  

It wasn't lost on me the metaphors that could be made between trees and us as humans.  I think that even when we face adversities and still forge on, that is when we become most beautiful.  Our crookedness - ever reaching for the sun and refusing to stop blooming makes us who we are.  This tree now has spring buds and I pass it most days when I drive my son to school, but I snapped this photo back in late winter because the crooked branches spoke to me in their "perfect, imperfection".  My apologies for the cheesy song reference... but I do think he's onto something.

11x14" oil on 1" Gallery Wrapped Canvas