Anne's Whisper - A White Ink, Pencil, and White Charcoal drawing

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I was afraid when I first saw the lines settling into my skin.

Now I have learned that these are the beauty marks of aging gracefully.  As an artist I strive to share through my art, the lessons I have learned in life.   The Queen Anne's lace flower to me symbolizes our silver hairs, well-earned laugh lines and emboldened sense of self.

May these lines and silver hairs bring with them strength, wisdom and an ability to love ourselves as we are.

Flowers growing at the edge of my yard were stamped with ink and delicately pressed into the toned paper making this drawing extra special.

Thus the name "Anne's Whisper".


Pencil and white ink on toned paper, in a soft white mat.
This drawing ships flat, and is ready for your 8x10" frame.


Mat dimensions: Inside opening 4½ x 6½" - Outside edges 8x10"
Each drawing is finished with a protective art spray, however for added protection I recommend that you use a frame with glass to protect the delicate quality of this artwork. Anne's Whisper will ship flat, wrapped with care in a compostable mailer so you can feel good about your purchase!
Ask me about gift wrapping and messaging if this artwork is a gift for a special someone.

Reach out if you would like to commission your own custom painting!


1. I help you decide on a photo and the file size needed for the painting.

2. You will then receive a quote based on the canvas size and details in the painting.

3. A 50% deposit is required to begin. I will send you progress emails where you will be able to request changes, both after the initial sketch, and after the first layer of paint.

4. Once you are happy with the final design, the painting is varnished and dried. I then carefully and beautifully package your work for safe shipping across town or across the globe!


Serena worked closely with us to capture the unique personality of Chayse, Bailey and Rylee. These portraits truly show their individual character and quirkiness and will be forever treasured. Thank you Serena for your amazing skill and talent.
- Sherry and Fiona

"I am just amazed at how realistic the painting is! Thank you so much for making this treasure for my husband."